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Regular manicures maintain strong nails and encourage healthy cuticles.

We offer waterless manicures to prevent nail dehydration.




MANICURE - $30                                                                                                      


                      we shape and detail your nails and cuticles, then followed by a massage with lanolin and aloe vera

                    lotion, and complete with your choice of polish.


SHIRLEY TEMPLE MANICURE (age 6 and under) - $15

                                                                  (age 7 to 12) - $25

                    a special treat for your little person! they will have their nails shaped with a light cuticle work,

                    followed by a massage and their choice of polish.



                     shellac is a mirror smooth finish lacquer that lasts up to two week.  this no chip polish can be

                   added to any manicures.



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