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why we use individually lined basins instead of whirlpool chairs

Even when the best efforts to clean it are made, whirlpool chairs still risk exposing customers to infections. Sadly, most are not disinfected to the degree which is necessary.  In an effort to get to the next customer more quickly, many salons take a shortcut on cleaning time (minimum of 10 mins using an EPA-registered disinfectant after a single use) as well as neglecting to conduct the proper routine maintenance of the pipes and jets.  Infections acquired within whirlpool tubs have resulted in amputations of hand and feet.  Additionally, putting freshly shaved legs (within the past 48 hours) into a whirlpool greatly increases a person's risk of infection. 

why we chose natural nails over acrylics-

Have you ever wondered why the manicurists applying acrylic nails wear masks?  It's because they know what you may not: that the polymer used in acrylic nails contains silica, a known toxin.

Once breathed in, it settles into your lungs and stays there; your body cannot naturally filter out this unknown and foreign chemical.  Even being in the same salon as someone getting acrylic nails applied exposes you to silica and long-term exposure can lead to silicosis: inflammation and lesions in the lobes of the upper lungs.

Other Health Hazards / The Big 7

There are a variety of chemicals used in many other nail salons that are known to cause health problems (several of which are only used in the US, as they have long been banned in Europe.)

In an effort to keep our customers safe and healthy, we offer nail lacquers that are '5 Free' and '7 Free' meaning they do not contain these known ingredients often used in nail polishes.  These are:

          -Toluene (a solvent that can cause light-headedness and nausea in short-term exposure, as well as 

            birth defects in the children of pregnant women who've had more exposure)

          -Dibutyl Phthalate (known carcinogen, linked to birth defects)

          -Formaldehyde (embalming chemical; also known carcinogen)

          -Formaldehyde Resin (used for coating/adhesives; inflammatory to humans)

          -Camphor (poisonous in large amount; acts as cover on your nails but deprives them of nutrients,               making them more prone to yellow tones/brittleness)

          -TPHP (flame retardant; known to be an 'endocrine disrupter', resulting in hormonal changes that

           negatively affects reproductive health and metabolism)

          -Xylene (irritant to skin, eyes and respiratory tracts)

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