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All pedicures (minus the Diabetic Pedicure) begin with the buffing and smoothing of the soles and heels.  We do this first dry, then again in water.  It is more effective because water will expand the callus.




PETITCURE (for those who like it simple and basic) - $35

                    after buffing your heels, shaping and detailing of your nails and cuticles, we will massage your feet

                    with rich lanolin and aloe vera lotion, then finishing with your choice of polish.



PEPPERMINT PEDICURE (for those who need a boost) - $70

                      after scrubbing of the heels, shaping your nail, cuticle work, you will receive a refreshing and

                    vibrant peppermint scrub from the tip of your toes to just below the knees. next we add hot paraffin

                    to your feet and a peppermint mud mask on your calves.  just when you think it can't get anymore

                    relaxing, we provide a thorough massage and complete this pedicure with your choice of polish.

HOT ROCK PEDICURE (for the tired) - $58

                    unwind and close your eyes while we improve the circulation of your extremities with a peppermint

                      scrub, paraffin treatment and a hot stone massage with a relaxation oil.  last, we paint your nails with

                    your choice of polish.  you will feel so pleasant and at ease, you won't want to lea

PEA IN THE POD PEDICURE (for the mother to be) - $53

                    grapefruit to the rescue - known for reducing water retention and swelling in the legs during

                    pregnancy.  from the start, your fatigue will be alleviated with a light buffing of your heels.

                    light to retain the extra padding needed to support your growing baby.  once your nails are shaped

                    and cuticles detailed, we will apply a grapefruit exfoliation from your feet to just below your knees

                    before wrapping your calves and feet in an energizing mask.  a pedicure is not complete without a

                    thorough massage and your choice of polish.  not to worry moms! our trained staff know the pressure

                    points to avoid premature labor!


LAVENDER PEDICURE (for those who work hard) - $47

                     what is better than lavender to relax and de-stress?  after smoothing your heels, shaping your nails

                    and detailing your cuticles, we will exfoliate your tired soles with a sweet lavender scrub just before

                    dipping them in warm paraffin.  finally, we will massage your stress away with a lavender lotion and

                    finish off with your choice of polish.  as your worries disappear, you will melt away in our

                    exceptionally comfortable chair.



SOOTHING PEDICURE (for those with dry skin) - $58

                    is your skin feeling dry and thirsty? we will erase your alligator skin with a rich honey-almond

                    scrub that will bring out the brilliance beneath.  next, we will apply a warm, smooth, hydrating

                    oatmeal mask on your feet and wrap your calves with hot towels to soften the skin before massaging

                    them with warm almond oil, and your choice of polish.  this truly is the definition of a radiant "sole".


EUCALYPTUS PEDICURE (for those who need to refresh) - $53

                    are you in need to cleanse, purify and refresh?  if so, this one is for you!  after a callus and cuticle

                    clean up, we will exfoliate your limbs with an eucalyptus-spearmint oil infused salt scrub, then wrap

                    them in french clay mud.  a massage with a thick aloe lotion is followed and your choice of polish.

SPORT PEDICURE (for the athlete) - $44

                   relieve your aching calf muscles and tired soles with this pedicure.  after a buff and clean up, we will

                   cool your burning and aching muscles with a marine mask and a deep massage before applying your

                   choice of polish.   your muscles will be renewed and ready for the next activity.


                   are you diabetic?  if so, entrust us with your pedicure.  unlike others, this pedicure begins with a

                   warm soak before any buffing or detailing work.  with caution, we will then trim and shape your

                   nails,  cuticles will be soflty pushed back with a disposable wooden pusher, and ONLY your hang-

                   nails will be trimmed (lightly).  then you will receive a delicate massage followed by the application

                   of your choice of polish.



SHIRLEY TEMPLE PEDICURE (age 6 and under) - $20

                                                           (age 7 to 12) - $25

                   a special treat for your little person!  they will have their nails shaped with a light cuticle work,

                   followed by a massage and their choice of polish. 



                     shellac is a mirror smooth finish lacquer that lasts up to two week.  this no chip polish can be

                   added to any pedicures.